• Vinod channa, Mumbai based celebrity fitness trainer

    Vinod Channa is Mumbai based Personal Trainer, with over 16 years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals. He is often called upon by popular celebrities, world class athletes and active business professionals. For his expertise in weight loss management, general fitness, functional strength training, corrective exercise, sports performance training, nutrition and body sculpting.

    Driven and always looking for an edge, Vinod has dedicated his career to the research and development of superior training techniques and nutritional programs, designed to correct muscular imbalances, rehabilitate minor injuries, stimulate your fat burning metabolism, dramatically improve strength, power, core stability, balance, endurance, mental function and flexibility at an accelerated pace. His uniquely customized programs successfully produce long-term behavioral modifications, vastly improve physical appearance, overall health and quality of life.

    Vinod has been called upon as a fitness consultant for a various movie productions, television shows, corporations, professional sports teams, national magazine publications. Vinod has also been responsible for organizing multiple youth fitness programs.

    Vinod's Training background includes success in weight training, yoga, kickboxing and swimming.

    His experience working along side and learning from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches and athletes in the world prepared him for a very easy transition from a star athlete to a star trainer.

  • Experience

    Fitness Trainer in Talwalkar's Gym (Warden Road) for 2 yrs.

    Personal Fitness Trainer (Free Lance) last 15yrs [ Vinod had the privilege of training alongside many phenomenal celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, John Abraham, Sohail Khan,and more... to name a few.]

    Gym set up from last 15 yrs.


    K11 Fitness Academy.