• What Is Personal Training ?

    Personal training is not about someone counting your repetitions for you nor is it someone barking orders at you. Nor is it only for top-level athletes training toward a major event or just celebrities who want to be pampered.
    Personal training means you exercise one-on-one with your own highly trained instructor besides you to guide, advise and motivate. As a beginner, it can be a great introduction to the gym and will soon boost your knowledge and confidence. Experienced gym goers can use personal training to take them to the next level of fitness.
    Each personal training session lasts one hour. To start off, you will have a thirty-minute complimentary consultation with your personal trainer to establish your medical history, any physical injuries and your current level of exercise.
    You will also discuss what you want to achieve. Your personal trainer will then devise your program based on the consultation.
    You will come up with a realistic time schedule and then you will begin.

  • Who Is Personal Training For ?

    Personal training is for anyone who wants to reach their peak fitness level, improve their exercise and fitness knowledge or who finds it tough to motivate themselves. It’s also really helpful for anyone with a specific condition, illness or injury who wants to be sure they are exercising safely.

  • Why Is Personal Training So Effective ?

    Quite simply, personal training works because every exercise is designed to achieve your goals.
    You learn why “X” weight or “Y” repetitions are the right way forward thus giving you the satisfaction that all your hard work is striving for maximum affect. It is reassuring to know that with a personal trainer each lift, push, stretch or bend you do will be done correctly and safely and with your body in the proper alignment.
    On your own, it is tempting to go easy on yourself or injure yourself by performing the exercises incorrectly.
    Plus, seeing the physical results more quickly will in turn motivate you to stick with it.
    You are much less likely to skip a gym visit if you have a personal training appointment to keep.
    As you progress, your personal trainer will introduce new ideas and vary the training so it never gets stale.
    We believe that once you try personal training and experience the benefits, you will be kicking yourself for not having done it earlier!

  • How Do I Choose A Personal Trainer ?

    You are able to review the personal profiles of all of the personal trainers. These profiles highlight both their qualifications and areas of expertise as well as giving a flavor of their personality. You are free to choose a personal trainer that you think will be good for you, but we’re also happy to recommend a suitable match based on your personality and goals. If at any time you would like to change your trainer, you are welcome to do so.
    All of our personal trainers will offer you the support you need to achieve the results you desire.

  • What Questions Do I Ask To Make Sure I Am Choosing The Right Personal Trainer ?

    Does the personal trainer have a certification from a nationally-accredited organization?
    What continuing education is required to maintain the certification?
    Is the personal trainer certified in first aid and CPR?
    How long has the personal trainer been training?
    What type of clients does the personal trainer work with?
    Can the personal trainer provide you with a list of references and/or testimonials?
    Does the personal trainer offer fitness assessments?
    Does the personal trainer ask specific questions regarding your medical conditions, medications, previous injuries, surgeries, aches and pains?
    Do you prefer a male or female?
    Do you like the personal trainer’s personality?
    Does the personal trainer communicate well and explain exercises in an easy-to-understand manner?
    Is the personal trainer friendly and open to answering your questions?
    Is the personal trainer sensitive to your needs?
    Are you comfortable with the personal trainer?