So you have decided to get rid of belly fat anyhow within 3 months and prove yourself and raise your bar above others. That sounds great. You wrapped up your sleeves and got into strict exercise regimen and adhered to it diligently. You have disrupted your complacent nature and did everything possible by giving up on your favorite food, resisted your temptations and taste buds, burnt your calories for 1-2 hours by exercising regularly and woke up daily early morning to run. All these only to lose that belly fat but hardly got any results that you have wanted and got disappointed or you lost your belly fat but gained it again once you stopped exercising. Is this your story? let me emphasize again. Don’t lose hope and give a try to these 3 steps to loose your belly fat irreversibly.

1. Eat at regular intervals:
Eating enough at regular intervals is much better than eating light or bloating your stomach after long gap. This keeps your metabolism at work and don’t pressurize your body’s intestinal system. As per my own experience and studies, it has been proved that eating within at least 2 hours is the best approach to follow your balance diet approach. Moreover, instead of completely avoiding your favorite junk food, check if there is healthy option or you can make it healthy. Eg.Oats dosa, Moong dal halwa, Protien laddu instead of high calorie sweets.
One of the most common reason for not achieving desired result is due to lack of right knowledge and proper guidance. Therefore, exercise techniques and guidance that you followed have always produced reversible results.
Balance diet and essential nutrition is the key to lose your belly fat. Make a well-planned routine for yourself and set your goals accordingly.
Often, I am being asked if there is a need for nutrition plan for each individual as per body requirement and my answer is Yes. This is because of the intensity of your workout and following reasons:
– Different body types ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph
– Different metabolic rates
– Different lifestyle adaptation based on our work or regional eating habits
– Different food preferences (veg or non-veg)
– Amount of time that you can spend in adapting to nutritional habits.

2. Work on abs at right time:

One fine day, you got highly inspired from someone or watched a movie with a six-pack abs being flaunted all over and got this intense urge of motivation and decided to do at least 200 push-ups in a day or two. Yes you did it and continued for a while although paying less attention to other body parts/exercises just to get that six-pack abs to flaunt but again you seem to be disappointed with the results considering the time and efforts you have spent. It got worse with the fact that your stomach seems to bloating more now after you stopped doing abs.

So where did you go wrong?

I would say you have not selected proper channel to spend your valuable time and energy. The best time for doing abs is after working on large muscles like legs, back and chest. This is because you have burnt more calories in short period of time and doing abs at this point of time tend to shape your muscles as it is already involved while working on bigger muscles, so this is provide faster result than pushing afresh on other days and just focusing on abdominal with high repetition and number of hours. So next time when you hit the gym, make it a habit to work on your abs immediately after each alternate set of heavy muscle exercise.

3. Every Muscle of Abs Contributes, work on all muscle group:
Work on all the 4 major muscles of the abdominal ie,
• Rectus Abdominal
• Internal Oblique
• External oblique
• Transverse Oblique
Perform crunches that will work on rectus abdominal, cross crunches and leg raises which will work on internal and external oblique and lastly transverse oblique which can be worked by doing plank, side plank. In this way, you work on complete abdominal muscles and which help make you stronger for other

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